R & D

At Gammon, innovation is involved in every aspect of our work, from the materials used to the processes involved.


Our solutions are born from the approach that each project has unique aspects that need to be tackled accordingly. We have decades of R&D to draw from.


Gammon produces concrete innovation. The strength and integrity of a concrete mix is essential to building quality. Constant checks are necessary. Specialists carry out tests to guarantee strength, durability, workability, lifespan and density.


Stringent quality control, technical support, production line, practical, efficient and cost effective solutions are the cornerstone of our Research & Development.



  • Precasting and segment launching system for the construction of the first Extradose Bridge in India for the Delhi Metro Rail Project.
  • High Volume Fly Ash Self Compacting Concrete (HVFASCC) for Nuclear Power Projects.
  • Concreting of annular space behind steel liner using high pressure concrete pumps for 1530m long pressure shafts, with a level difference of more than 750m, being done for the first time in the world.